Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sonics owner Aubrey McClendon: We bought the Sonics to move them to Oklahoma City

Sonics minority owner Aubrey McClendon confirms what we all suspected from the start. In an interview with the Oklahoma City Journal Record, he says:

We didn’t buy the team to keep it in Seattle; we hoped to come here.
McClendon, who previously got bad publicity in Seattle for being anti gay rights, lauds Clay Bennett for "artfully and skillfully" (translation: underhandedly) getting the team. Here's the full quote:
We started to look around, and at that time the Sonics were going through some ownership challenges in Seattle. So Clay, very artfully and skillfully, put himself in the middle of those discussions and to the great amazement and surprise to everyone in Seattle, some rednecks from Oklahoma, which we’ve been called, made off with the team.
As I've been saying from the start, these guys never had any intention of keeping the Sonics in Seattle.

I saw this at SonicsCentral first, and they aren't happy. But they also have strong words for Howard Schultz: "It’s time to start casting stones at the people in our own community that have allowed this."

Maybe "casting stones" is a little strong--I assume they mean metaphorically. But if there are some busted out Starbucks windows this morning...


Abudai said...

Love how McClendon says he's under a "self-imposed gag order" and then says something that dumb. Uh, you may wanna stick to your gag order.

Nuss said...

I haven't paid for a coffee at Starbucks since the sale. Honest truth.

When I have coffee gift cards to buy, I go to Forza. Starbucks will not see my money until it's guaranteed the Supes are sticking around.

seattle67 said...

McClendon is definitely counting his chickens before they hatch. He might want to spend some q-time with others who have tried just as hard and failed - Jeff Smulyan (Indy and Tampa Bay for the M's) and Ken Behring (some LA suburb for the Hawks).