Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brandon Roy Plays Slow

David Thorpe of ESPN on Brandon Roy: "I'm most impressed by his pace. Roy plays at a unique tempo that makes him look slow. But as he goes past guys or creates open midrange jumpers with his handle and timing, we realize that everyone else is moving even slower because he is in total control of his game and the ballgame in general."

This confirms my first impressions of seeing Roy play. I'll never forget it. Remember that he was ineligible for the first half of his freshman year. His first game was against, I believe, UCLA.

He got the ball down on the block, backed up against a defender. And there was just something about his body language, or the way he held the ball, or something. He just had this awareness and confidence with the basketball that I'd never seen before.

Most college players, when they get the ball, immediately think "I have the ball! I must do something with the ball! But what?" But Roy seemed to either: a) already have a plan, or b) believe so much in his own ability that he doesn't need one.

It's thrilling to see someone so in control. Roy with the basketball is like Eric Clapton with a guitar or Bill Clinton with a room full of reporters.

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Howard Beale said...

I was at the UCLA game and I had that same feeling. The entire 4 years Roy was at the UW I reminded myself to cherish every moment.

Brandon Roy is God!

And Clinton used to be that good. Now, he's old and in the way.

red said...

thank you