Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sonics Face Media After Ass-Kicking

The local media talked to the Sonics and weighed in on Sunday night's epic loss.

Steve Kelley writes: "This team that calls itself the Seattle Sonics quit like dogs on Sunday night. This team disgraced the city. Disgraced the league. And, most important, the players disgraced themselves."

Art Thiel writes: "From the git-go, the season has been a tank job. That doesn't mean that individual players and coaches have quit as much as their options have been curtailed by the deliberate pursuit of another high lottery draft pick and the economics of franchise sabotage."

Earl Watson tells Percy Allen the team didn't quit: "This team hasn't quit. Quit would be sitting on the sidelines and players saying they're injured and they're out for the season. To me, that's quitting."

Damien Wilkins doesn't sound so sure, telling Eric D. Williams: "It was just embarrassing. We should have just left and hung our stuff up at the end of the third quarter. That wasn’t professional at all. If guys don’t respond after that, then I don’t know what to say."

Kevin Durant says all the right things to Gary Washburn: "Nah, we're not thinking like (giving up). It was a very tough game but we've got to bounce back. Coach said we've got 30 days left in the season and it's all about how we finish the season off and how hard we play and how (well) we come together as a group."

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