Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sounders Unveil Jerseys

I just got back from Qwest (now with a real grass soccer field!), where the Sounders unveiled their jerseys.

[Note--this written before there was an image online]: I will attempt to describe them.

They are lime green, with "XBox 360 Live" across the chest in white, and a "Sounders FC" patch about where you'd put your hand to your heart.

There are sea blue accents at waist level. All told, pretty sharp-looking (I know, lime green sounds bad, but it somehow works). Soon to be available in stores, I'm sure.

Owner Joe Roth and Vulcan CEO Tod Leiweke made a big deal about how, in Microsoft, the Sounders have found the perfect sponosor. Said Leiweke: "We really could've screwed this up."

Left unsaid by Leiweke was the fact that the sponsor--which goes right across your chest, so it's a pretty big deal for the fan--wasn't going to be voted on by fans like the name was. Seattle fans surely wouldn't have wanted to be sporting "Exxon" across their fronts.

But I think everyone in the area can go along with XBox, and it's certainly a brand that's known and will help the Sounders be known around the world.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Good-looking shirts: I like the colours. Personally, I think just having Microsoft across the front would be better than the XBox 360, but they pay the big bucks so they can put what they want on them.

SeattlesFinest said...

I love Xbox 360 Live on the chest, it is a Seattle brand and it screams youth. Love the colors, love the crest, love the beginnings of this club. Go Sounders!

Greg said...

Personally, I was rooting for 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta' on the jersey, but I guess I'm just too much of a romantic.

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