Sunday, June 29, 2008

Northwest Sports: In the Morning

The Mariners had 39 hits--18 on Sunday in a game Jake Peavy started--in a three game sweep of the Padres. Jose Vidro started at first in the last two games, increasing speculation that Suddenly Singles Sexson (1 XBH in June) will be released. Bedard and Morrow both pitched well in the series.

The Mariners won't have a traditional starter on Tuesday, Riggsie will mix and match relievers instead, writes David Andriesen.

M's prospect watcher Jason Churchill updates his top ten Mariner prospects.

M's prospect Michael Saunders (#5 on Churchill's list) is now up at Tacoma. The 21-year-old was 6 for his first 13. A BC native, he'll play for Canada in the Beijing Olympics, writes John McGrath.

USS Mariner breaks down the trade value of the M's roster, and comes to the surprising conclusion that the time may be ripe to trade Felix Hernandez.

The Storm tightened up their D, writes Jayda Evans, and held Washington to just 49 points, winning only their second game in their past six. Storm attendance hasn't been what ownership hoped for--at 7,591, it's the lowest since '03. Still, 7,591 is nothing to sniff at, and it'll pick up once the team gets into the playoff push.

The Storm cut rookie PG Kimberly Beck--big mistake in my view, as Beck was the only player on the roster with disruptive speed on the court.

Shawn Kemp to the Times' Jerry Brewer on Sonics' ownership: "They can't complain about a new arena because they're not winning enough games, period. They need to put up or shut up. When I got into the NBA, the thing of it was, if you won, you got a new arena. But if you lost, you had to work to get the arena. You can't be a losing team and get a new arena. That's not fair. That's not fair! That's how I see it."

The Sonics made a $3.6 million qualifying offer to Robert Swift, reports Percy Allen. The Supes will also be able to match any offer from another team. I ask the question again: What aspect of basketball is Robert Swift good at?

Joel Smith won't play for the Huskies next year, reports Bob Condotta, which answers the question of how the Dawgs were going to get under their scholarship limit. Smith, who has one year of eligibility left, did get his degree. Condotta also says another change--an addition--may be forthcoming.

Kim Grinolds reports on the Dawgman messageboard (subs.) that Jamaal Williams will be in camp with Miami.

J.R. Hasty and Jordan Murchison are off the football team for good, writes Condotta. Hasty, you'll remember, holds the Washington state high school record for rushing TDs in a season, and was recruited to UW the same year Jonathan Stewart went to Oregon. They've gone in different directions, huh?

Derrick Low has an invitation to play on the Dallas Mavericks' summer league team, reports the Honolulu Advertiser via Stadium Way.

Seahawks blog Dave Krieg's Strike Beard names the top-ten single season performances of all-time by a Seahawk.

Former Hawks special teamer Isaiah Kacyvenski is still looking for a path back to the NFL after suffering a knee injury in Raiders' camp last year, reports his hometown upstate NY paper, via Seahawks Addicts.

Renton High and UW grad Aretha (Hill) Thurmond qualified for her third Olympics in the discus. Another former Husky, Brad Walker, whose expected to be a medal contender in Beijing, qualified in the pole vault.

The Times put together a nice list of locals who are trying to qualify for the Olympics at the U.S. Track and Field trials in Eugene.

OSU football recruit Jordan Bishop put on an impressive show at an all-star game over the weekend.

Bellingham will host the International Basketball League championship game on July 19 after beating Vancouver in the Western Conference finals yesterday.

A Kenyan man and Oregon woman were the winners, respectively, of yesterday's Seafair marathon.