Best Tennis Balls for Every Skill Levels 2018

  Many sports use a variety of accessories and equipment. It is very important for athletes to know all about the technicalities in the equipment being used in the sport because it can make or break their game. It is true that skills, intelligence, and strength are the most important factors in winning the game. However, the knowledge[…]

how to choose a pickleball paddle

Selecting a Pickleball Paddle – How to?

For those looking to invest in a pickleball paddle, there are a dizzying number of sizes, styles and materials to choose from. So which is best for you? The answer to that question depends on a number of factors including hand size, strength, play style, and budget. The rest of this Pickleball Paddle Selection Guide will look at[…]

best natural gut tennis strings

Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings – 2018

Pros and players that have some experience already knew this. If you are a new player or a hobbyist, choosing a racquet is just another step to playing tennis. Selecting tennis strings are quite important. In fact, tennis strings are vital to how your tennis racquet performs. In this article, I will be reviewing natural gut tennis strings. Natural gut[…]

pickleball players

Pickleball: Great Sport For The Whole Family

Is it possible to join sport and family? Absolutely yes, but we have always taken into account the sport to be done in order to know which people can practice it. In very few occasions, it is impossible to see kids playing with their father and grandfather in a group sport at the same time, due to the limitations that[…]

The best tennis racquet for intermediate players in the market today

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players 2018

So you just got the news from your coach that you are good enough to move to the next level, from beginner to intermediate. Also, when you move to the next level, it also means that you need to a get a racquet that suits to the challenges in that level. Unlike the beginner level, you don’t need[…]