10 Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners (Updated 2021!)

Have you been just getting started and searching for a pickleball paddle for newbies? In that case, we realize that you most likely want a great paddle like the ones Swing It Big reviewed, but might not be ready to invest a ton of money.

With the fast development of pickleball, there are plenty of new paddles being released that the options are overwhelming.

And in the honest opinion of ours, in case you’re a novice, those higher price paddles may not be the right option since you wind up paying a premium price for features that those pro-level paddles offer though you probably do not need them when just starting out.

So to enable you to limit the options of yours, we have developed a listing from the help of Swing it Big, of the best beginner picks along with comprehensive reviews to help you choose the paddle which best suits the playing style of yours and financial capabilities.

Top 10 Pickleball Paddles for Beginners 2021

1. Paddletek Tempest Wave II

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The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is an extremely well-liked paddle. Whether it is a casual game or maybe a competition, from beginners to advanced players, tons of pickleball players are playing with it and enjoyed it!The Paddletek Tempest Wave II has many characteristics which will help you succeed in more games. For starters, the paddle has the capability to put away winners. Because of its graphite face and also becoming a middleweight (approximately 7.6 oz), you can smash the ball with intensity but you are able to still maneuver the ball quite easily.

You could be certain that each shot is precise and fast. Although the graphite face is able to provide enough spin, it does not produce a lot of spin such as a fiberglass face is.

Next, in case you’re into “touch” or maybe “soft” player, the Tempest Wave II does not disappoint. Love dinking? The Tempest Wave paddle is wonderful at the net. It’s a polymer core which gives great control and finesse.

The polymer core, in addition, synergizes perfectly with the graphite face as well. Tempest Wave is a paddle with power for intense play, the finesse and balance required for the gentle game in your very own hands. The Tempest Wave II will make you learn faster and has a lot of features. A masterpiece indeed!

Yet another excellent characteristic of the paddle is its grip. The paddle’s handle length is 5 ¼”. Its length is also good for former tennis players. Furthermore, you are able to personalize the weight of your paddle according to your liking.

Let’s talk about its sweet spot. It’s a huge and forgiving sweet spot, that’s the reason I also suggest this particular paddle as your very first paddle if you have the funds for it.

Overall, the paddle is able to provide you with good power, control and finesse which could level up the game of yours by miles. You’ll certainly like playing with it. I recommend this for novices, pro players, and intermediates. The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is certainly well worth every penny you are going to shell from your pockets.


  • Power, control & finesse all in a single package
  • Durable
  • Much longer handle
  • Good feel
  • Great for most kinds of players


  • Expensive

2. GAMMA Sports Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle


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This midweight (8.0 oz) paddle by Gamma Sports is the latest remake of the initial Fusion paddle. Comes with a textured fiberglass that provides the paddle great contact while still packing 8 oz of punch for the hard drives of yours. The wide paddle has a big sweet spot and is a simple shape for beginners to use.

The Fusion 2.o’s 4″ grip makes it perfect for tiny hands and the handle is Gamma’s comfy honeycomb grip.

The company is popular for grips and the professional players love to purchase the paddles because they provide a solid and comfortable grip. The Fusion 2.0 also qualifies for tournament play by USAPA.

3. Head Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle



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Head made news in the pickleball market in 2017 when they released an entire line of paddles, this action from such a big and popular tennis brand name was really a vote of confidence for the developing industry.

The paddles certainly attract crossover players coming from a tennis background. The Xtreme Elite is classified as control paddle with its thinner core and less weight. The Elite is a more affordable paddle than Pro lines and the Tour. However, as a novice, the Extreme Elite is nevertheless a good choice.

The primary distinction between this paddle and also the costlier Head choices is the fact that the Elite has the company’s Ergo grip (compared to the Head Comfort hold on the more costly Head paddles).

The Elite doesn’t have the Extreme Spin Texture which is showcased on the Head Pro and Tour paddle faces. Thus, in case you’re searching for an economical budget paddle and are prepared to pass up the nicer grip and never really anxious however about including spin your shots, the Extreme Elite might be the right starter option for you.

4. Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Another extremely popular seller on Amazon is the Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle. It is slightly heavier compared to the Upstreet, weighing 9.2 oz (compared to 8.5) therefore additional weight is a concern.

The increase of power combined with gentle touch core, make this a great all around paddle for a beginner or maybe intermediate players that are playing with wood and would want to upgrade.

The Amazin’ Aces comes with a Polymer core that is identified to become the quietest and softest on the market, compared to an aluminum core giving more pop but with the price of much more noise and vibration. Another advantage of this particular paddle is it’s been accredited by the USAPA.

When it boils down to it, the Upstreet and the Amazin’ Aces are similar. They’re both small companies advertising good beginner paddles on Amazon. The specifications are extremely similar. One of the primary deciding factors would be weight, in case you will want a paddle cover included (Upstreet) or perhaps in case you believe you will participate in tournaments (Amazin’ Aces).

5. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle



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While the Upstreet Graphite paddle is packaged in many special designs, underneath the hood they’re all the exact same. It’s an 8 1/2 ounce paddle with a graphite face with a polymer honeycomb core. The paddle includes a 4.25 micro-dry comfort grip designed to take away sweat and prevent your hands to wet during play.

One of several good things about purchasing an Upstreet paddle is they add a neoprene paddle case. Lots of additional models offer these separately, so it is really worth factoring that into the cost if you do your comparison shopping and determine what paddle to buy.

As a novice, you might not be making plans to participate in competitions sometime soon though we do wish to point out that this particular paddle isn’t authorized by the USAPA so remember that in case you’ve any interest in getting into competitive play in the future.

6. USAPA Pro Graphite by Niupipo

pickleball paddle


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First of all, the Niupipo is approved by the USAPA for tournament play.  It is made out of high-quality graphite that can completely transform your game. It is made out of graphite carbon fiber face and graphite honeycomb composition for the perfect balance of strength and stiffness.

With this lightweight paddle, you will find more power in your returns with excellent accuracy.

The interior of the Niupipo paddle is constructed by polymer honeycomb and is surrounded by two sheets of durable fiberglass. If taken well care of, this paddle should last a long time.

The core is among the most powerful core in the pickleball market. And according to some, it is the quietest, lightest, and most durable on the marketplace.

The Niupipo pickleball paddle is comfortable to handle with its sweat absorbent and cushioned grip. The wide-body pickleball paddle has a grip size is 4 4/5 (4.8). The paddle handle has a good length of 10.63 inches and only weighs 8oz.

Additionally, Niupipo is a famous pickleball business that creates an assortment of things from entry-level to top quality paddles utilized by pro players.


  • Durable, improved strength by the honeycomb core
  • Lightweight
  • USAPA Approved
  • Affordable paddle


  • Some may not like its “funky” looks.

7. Champion Graphite 2.0


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This paddle design continues to be in existence after 1998 its come to be an industry standard and one of the better selling mid-range paddles. The Champion weights an average of 7.9 oz.

The big sized hitting surface provides this particular paddle a big sweet spot which will help beginner plays hit their shots consistently. A beneficial weight for beginners and a pleasant balanced feel is offered by The Champion.

Among the wonderful things about the Champion paddle is it’s available in 2 grip sizes (something we want more paddle companies will offer), that causes it to be a lot more flexible as players with medium or small hand sizes (four or maybe four 1/4) is able to discover a choice which suits the hand of theirs.

Players with much larger grip would choose the 4.25 grip and also just then add overgrip tape to build the handle circumference to fit the grip of yours. The flared end caps at the conclusion of the handle allow it to be simpler to maintain a good hold on the paddle and keep it from slipping.

The paddle is packaged in five vintage colors, reminiscent of the beginning of the sport. 2018 represents the twentieth anniversary of the Champion, an excellent testimonial to the caliber of the service. With the amount of brand-new paddle models being produced and also redone it is unusual to locate a paddle which has stood the test of time


8. Selkirk Sport NEO Composite


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The Neo composite paddle is a good alternative for beginner pickleball players aiming to optimize their game while lowering the effect on their finances.

Based on Selkirks personal site, this particular paddle was created to fill up the gap they noticed in the pickleball industry for beginner players between the simple starter wood paddles as well as the premium high priced honeycomb paddles that have been readily available.

Feeling that beginners weren’t capable to appreciate the whole potential of the sport with the lower end wooden paddles on the market, the NEO was developed.

This paddle is made for power and bangers with Selkirk’s trademarked PowerCore polymer center, similar core utilized in their top quality paddles. The Neo offers an economical price point, selling for approximately 50 % the cost of the 30P XL Epic Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle that is sold for about hundred dollars.

The NEO composite paddle, like every one of the others from Selkirk Sport, is made in Hayden, Idaho. Even though you are able to locate good foreign made gear in the marketplace (many pickleball paddles are probably available in China), getting something produced in the Country of America is an additional plus.

Selkirk does create quality merchandise as well as the one year guarantee they have against manufacturer defects does add peace of mind when purchasing their products.

The paddle features a dazzling Selkirk ThinGrip measuring 4.125 in, therefore it is on the smaller end of the machine for grip size. The EdgeSentry edge guard offers extra protection on the paddle edge.

The typical paddle weight is 7.7 to 7.9 oz, which makes it a flexible choice for beginners seeking to balance power and control. The paddle face included clear looking vinyl graphics. The Neo paddle is now available in Blue and red.

The Selkirk NEO paddle will certainly be a huge hit with someone trying to find a backup paddle for family and friends or maybe any beginners just getting started in Pickleball.

Since the NEO is accredited through the USAPA for tournament play it is, in addition, a good alternative for just a player who’s going up into a competitive play.


  • Tons of power
  • Approved by USAPA
  • Produced in the USA


A little bit expensive compared to other beginner’s paddles

9. Rally Tyro 2 Advanced Composite Pickleball Paddle


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This is an excellent economical choice for an entry level composite paddle. The Rally Tryo 2 paddle delivers a quality look at a significantly reduced price than you’d assume for composite paddles. It is a step up from a simple wooden paddle and also the quality is almost the same to what you will see in a far more premium mid-range price point.

The Tyro 2 paddle weighs about 6.7 ounces which makes it an excellent beginner option!

The paddle face is made from polycarbonate laid over Polymer honeycomb core. The pure white face and black grip make for a stylish style and also an option that is superb for a pickleball player just wanting to stay away from several flashy colored paddles.

The Rally Tyro 2 hasn’t been USAPA approved for tournament play because of its different paddle face texture.

When you intend to participate in tournaments, you will wish to check out something such as the Paddletek Tempest Wave or the Selkirk Sport NEO Paddle above that is USAPA approved. Or else, this particular Rally paddle is a great choice in this class for just a starting recreation player that is not aiming to succeed in any trophies (yet!).


  • Lightweight
  • Strong Polymer Core


  • Not authorized for USAPA tournament play

10. Rally Tyro 2 PRO


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The Rally Tyro Pro recently became available as an upgraded model of the earlier Tyro 2. This brand new Pro variation of the paddle features several enhancements, which includes vibration dampening core technology to minimize the shock from frequently hitting the ball.

The face is made with a velvet enhanced texture face to enhance the touch and feel of the paddle. The Pro features a moderate grip measuring 4.25″ in circumference with a 5″ handle.


How to Choose Pickleball Paddles for Beginners


The starter paddles reviewed here fall somewhere in the mid-range of the cost spectrum with the exception of our number 1 choice, the Paddletek Tempest Wave. Some of the choices on our list aren’t the latest paddles though they’re as well not the least expensive pickleball paddles either. But they work great for beginners!

Thus, in case you’re intending to play pickleball somewhat frequently, you can choose either a top of the line that you can use for a long time or a mid-range one.

Nevertheless, in case you’re merely testing out pickleball just for the very first time and you are not certain you’ll be playing long-term and simply searching for an inexpensive paddle, read below and we got you covered!


We didn’t include some wood paddles on this list, in case you’re searching for a great wooden paddle please see the Rally Meister Wood Pickleball Paddle Set. On this list, you mostly find composite or graphite paddles.

Paddle Technology

Since this list is for novices, we have left off of all of the latest paddle technology. Pickleball paddle manufacturers consistently drive the boundaries of what they’re able to provide, several of the top quality paddles make use of aircraft grade composites, textured faces and vibration canceling cores.

All of these features are able to have benefits for experienced players but we do not really think you need a lot of costly whistles and bells. When you’re currently working hard on getting the ball over the net, you most likely do not need the latest technology to boost your topspin.

Edge Guard

All of these paddles have a guard around the edge, it helps to protect the paddle from harm, scratches and damages. We do not usually suggest edgeless paddles for beginners because you might shorten the paddle’s lifespan.

USAPA Approval

In any case, you wish to play in sanctioned competitions you will have to get an approved paddle. While some newbies will eventually want to participate it is not always a priority for many.

While costlier paddles are usually approved (since the customers are usually are competitive players) several of the paddles on this beginner list are not, though we did manage to incorporate several which are approved in case you foresee entering a competition within the near future.

Because we first published the post the pickleball paddle industry is growing with a lot of new choices available and quality products that are high at less expensive prices than before so we’ve expanded the reviews of ours to include additional graphite paddles in the picks of ours for the greatest beginner paddles.

The Upstreet Graphite paddle is an excellent quality beginner paddle at a fair price as well as comes with a totally free neoprene case. Unless you’re on an extremely small budget that just provides for a novice wood paddle it is worth looking at this method by Upstreet as the very first paddle of yours.

The appearance of the ProLite RockStar edged out our earlier top beginner pick and at the time it released took center stage as the pick of ours for the second best composite paddle. The brand new quiet polymer core plus ProLite’s lifetime limited warranty pushed the little Rockstar to the pinnacle of charts in this particular novice class.

In case you are not into trying things that are new, you cannot really fail with the Vintage Champion 2.0. Made by Pickleball Inc. the first business by the founders of the sport, this particular paddle is available for more than two decades proving it is a dependable classic.

If you’re certain you would like a graphite pickleball paddle and are ready to invest a bit more please click here to check out the top picks of ours in that class.


Weight is an important factor when choosing your first paddle.

Heavier paddles provide additional power, which will give you more explosive shots, especially long drives from the baseline and your serve.

Lighter paddles are a lot easier to manage and also to maneuver that will help when you’re playing at the net and dinking.

When you don’t have some injuries, particularly tennis elbow or maybe arthritis, you ought to be ready to deal with a heavier paddle. But in case you have the problems stated above, aim for a mid-weight paddle (somewhere within the 7.3 to 8.4 oz range).

Grip Size

It is also important to pick a grip that suits the hand size of yours. We have mentioned the grip size of each paddle. When in doubt between 2 sizes, buy the smaller of the 2. Here’s the easy and quick way to establish grip size simply based off of the height of yours.

Height Grip Size (inches) Grip Size
Under 5’2″ 4 inches Small
5’3″ to 5’8″ 4 1/4 inches Medium
5’9″ & taller 4 1/2 inches Large

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