2 Ways To Quicker Hands – A Simple but Effective Guide

Let’s face it. As we grow older, we also grow slower. As ten­nis play­ers, as we age, we also play more dou­bles. Unless you are among the cow­ards who stay back all the time, you’re going to spend a lot of time at the net.

If you have a slow reac­tion time, you’re going to lose a lot of points at best. At worst, you may catch a ball or two in places you don’t want (or need) if you can’t react fast enough!

1. Box­ing and Kick Box­ing as Fitness

I love kick box­ing, and I also love box­ing for fit­ness. Noth­ing trains the hands quite like box­ing does. Box­ing (and by exten­sion, kick box­ing) are total body work­outs, too. You will bob, weave, duck, feint, parry and throw loads of punches.

You will develop lightning-quick reflexes at any age. As a side ben­e­fit, you’ll be bet­ter at defend­ing your­self. As a fur­ther side ben­e­fit, you’ll be a super­star at the net in tennis!

2. How Does Box­ing Trans­late to Tennis?

A box­ing fit­ness rou­tine will make you fit­ter and faster. Your reflexes will improve and so will your hand-eye coor­di­na­tion. Also, in the mod­ern game of ten­nis, you do not hit the ball straight on in a ground­stroke. You are deflect­ing the ball off its path.

For fur­ther read­ing on this con­cept, refer to Oscar Wegner’s arti­cle on Mar­tial Arts and Ten­nis. The same is true in box­ing. You parry punches. The last thing you want to do is meet force with force.

Women do have a smaller bone struc­ture and espe­cially do not want to take a shot full force. If you’re box­ing cor­rectly, you won’t, either! This same parrying/deflection can be used on ground­strokes in ten­nis as well as for net ral­lies.

Since you really want to hit the ball into an open space on the court (not right at the oppo­nent unless you can’t help it), deflect­ing the ball is the opti­mal solu­tion. For more on this sub­ject, read Steve Tourdo’s arti­cle on how to play fear­lessly at the net.

I’ve got a spe­cial inspi­ra­tional video for you. Although not tech­ni­cally fit­ness box­ing for ten­nis, this video should show you sev­eral things. First off, any­one can box at any age. Sec­ondly, watch the hand speed. Can you see how that will help you at the net? Thirdly, this is just cool as can be! So watch the video, then go out and start your own box­ing fit­ness workouts!

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