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5 Best Cheap Tennis Shoes 2018

Tennis is considered to be an expensive sport that involves expensive gear involving costly racquets, shoes and other things. But’s not the case anymore that you can find racquets and shoes in various models and in price ranges that can fit your budget as well.

In this article, we are going to explore about the tennis shoes that can be purchased at low prices and yet can prove to serve you better for a long time. So, please understand that I will not recommend ultra cheap tennis shoes with cheap quality. Since there are so many models out there in the market, it would be a tough task to select tennis shoes and hence we’ve provided you with some affordable but high-quality tennis shoes available.

Top Cheap Tennis Shoes for Men & Women

 1. Adidas Performance Barricade 2017

For Men – Check Price on Amazon
For Women – Check Price on Amazon

Adidas is a renowned leader in providing some revolutionary shoes for sportspersons for decades. And with the Barricades model, they’ve set a new benchmark with its superb lateral stability and extreme support they provide.

These shoes are specially designed for aggressive tennis players who strive to give their best at all times to win a game. The ankle collar of these shoes is made with memory foam technology and provides a great grip. The sole is made using high-quality materials and provides the necessary traction needed even in wet courts.


The shoes are great if you have narrow feet, but if you have wider feet get the Adidas Barricade Wide instead.

The ADIwear outsole is one of the best features of these shoes at it can go on for a long time without any wear set after set and game after game. Tennis involves a lot of movement to your feet and there is every possibility you may slip and fell down and the Adidas Barricade shoes are specially built using shock-absorbing adiprene technology that helps in absorbing all kinds of impact and shock to protect your knees and ankle at all times.


  • Great lateral stability
  • Removable insoles – finally!
  • Features the lightweight TPU skin to provide the needed breathability during the full game along with all the support and stability
  • Comes with ADITUFF wraps around the toe to protect your forefoot against any foot drag
  • Great looking shoes


  • May not fit well if you have wide feet

2. Asics Gel Solution Speed 2

For Men – Check Price on Amazon
For Women – Check Price on Amazon

ASICS has been providing sports shoes since 1949 and it has now become a full-fledged sports apparel and shoe manufacturing company with a wide range of athletic and performance driven gear for sports people around the world. The Speed 2 from ASICS is another trademark tennis shoe at a very remarkably low price.

It is specially designed to allow more air into your feet and is one of the best shoes with a lot of ventilation in it and very good choice for using these shoes for your tennis practice during the summer heat. The outer is made of synthetic mesh with a rubber sole and midsole made using high-quality foam. It is available in around 3 color variations and looks attractive in its multitude of colors and design.


  • Made using imported synthetic materials to provide longer lifetime
  • Comes with a PGuard toe protector to protect your toes during any impact or foot drag
  • GEL cushioning is provided in both the rear and front foot to keep your foot comfortable during long hours of play
  • Midsole is made using cushioned solyte


  • The color combination may displease some players

3. New Balance 786v2

For Men – Check Price on Amazon
For Women – Check Price on Amazon

New Balance is a company that has dedicated itself to provide quality gear for athletes to help them achieve their goals easily. For over a century, New Balance has been in the industry and constantly focusing on research and development and coming out with revolutionary models every now and then. Many athletes choose their shoes from them because they always snug fit to your feet and are extraordinarily comfortable.

People with wide feet always go for New Balance shoes and also has a very good overall customer rating. Even though most the New Balance shoes are a bit pricey, the 786v2 shoes are damn cheap that you can’t resist buying them. It offers ultimate stability and superior support for tennis players who sweat it on the tennis court. The absorb cushioning and the lightening dry liner provides an exquisite look to these shoes. It is made using synthetic leather to provide the needed stability and durability even during long hours of practice.


  • Made using imported synthetic/textile
  • Comes with a high-quality rubber sole
  • Has a C-cap midsole
  • Abzorb heel provides a new look to the shoes


  • Their sizing can be unreliable 

4. Nike Air Vapor Advantage

For Men – Check Price on Amazon
For Women – Check Price on Amazon

With the Nike air vapor advantage shoes on your feet, you gain an instant edge over your opponents the moment you enter the court. It mimics the styling from the ever so popular Vapor Tour Advantage, the shoe used by one of the legends in the world of Tennis, Roger Federer. Comes with a Phylon midsole and an XDR outsole. Made using synthetic and mesh with a mid-foot shank that provides additional stability to the shoes. The Nike Air Vapor Advantage Tennis Shoes provides outstanding comfort and long-lasting stability even during long hours on the court.


  • Air-sole unit provided for impact protection
  • Upper designed with a lightweight for providing a comfortable fit
  • Comes with a full-length Phylon midsole


  • Too narrow for wide feet

5. Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoes

For Men – Check Price on Amazon
For Women – Check Price on Amazon

The Nike Court Lite Tennis shoes are another classic shoe from the house of Nike is exclusively built to provide extreme comfort and stability. It is perfect for hard courts as it comes with a premium upper and a durable outsole that can withstand the rigors of a hard court. The GDR outsole provides the necessary traction and the Phylon midsole provides outstanding comfort even during long hours of practice.


  • Made using genuine synthetic leather for added support and breathability
  • Phylon midsole provides the needed cushioning
  • Mesh tongue provided for additional breathability
  • The toe of the shoe is reinforced to resist abrasion


  • Not the most good looking shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tennis shoes different from running shoes?

There is a lot of difference between tennis shoes and running shoes. Running shoes are designed specifically for moving forward, thus it has a limited lateral support and they have usually higher side padding for added ankle protection. On the other hand, tennis shoes are a bit heavier but slimmer to enhance agility.

Tennis shoes have thin soles and they are flexible so the user can easily do lateral movements. Plus, tennis shoes are more stable than running shoes if you’re running on a tennis court. So, my advice is to get tennis shoes rather than running shoes.

Are tennis shoes necessary?

If you’re a regular player who wants to improve your skills as well as your movement you should wear them. If you’re just playing occasionally then you can get them later on.

What are the benefits of using a tennis specific shoes?

As I’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits when using tennis shoes.  Here are some more of them:

  1. Lateral stability
  2. Enhance agility so you can move from side to side, forward and backward with ease
  3. Doesn’t leave rubber markings on the court
  4. Durable outsoles
  5. Less risk of rolling an ankle and other lower body injuries

Are they machine washable?

Yes, it is completely up to you if you want to use your washer. But I also know some players that are not comfortable to put them in their washer. Most tennis shoes are machine washable anyway. Just put warm water and air dry them to avoid any damage to the shoes.

Where to buy tennis shoes online?

If you are now ready to purchase, you can check my recommendations above and click the links, they will bring you to Amazon.com. They have lots of other choices as well.

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