A Little About Badminton

Badminton is an Olympic sport played by rackets and shuttlecock. This sport is played by 2 opposite sides, with either 1 or 2 players on each side. Players hit the shuttlecock over the net to the opposing side and score if the shuttlecock touches the ground.

Badminton, if played competitively, is played indoors due to the lightness of the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is made of feather and therefore is easily affected by the wind.

However, if played for fun, normally badminton would be played outdoors at garden, backyard or beach. The shuttlecock (also known as shuttle) is a high drag projectile shaped like a cone.

Feathered shuttlecock is made with a round cork base embedding 16 goose feathers overlapping each other. As feathered shuttlecocks break easily and cost more, many families choose to use plastic shuttlecock which is more durable and cheaper.

Playing badminton would require high body power, especially during competitions. Badminton players employ a large amount of strokes including jumping smashes and delicate returns.

Therefore, top quality badminton rackets are very light in weight, normally about 70 to 100g, and made of carbon fiber, which is perfect for kinetic energy transfer.

Before the use of carbon fiber though, badminton rackets were usually made of metal like aluminum and even wood initially. Of course, there are no longer wooden badminton rackets available on the market now because they are heavy and clumsy to handle.

But lower quality rackets are still made of metal, thus costing less. Badminton strings are very thin, with thickness ranging from 0.65 to 0.73mm. Thinner strings are not as durable as thicker ones but the feel is more direct and therefore preferred by most players.

String tension also varies. Normally professional players use high string tensions than recreational players. String tension normally ranges from 18 to 36 lbs.

Badminton has been known as the fastest racket sport. The record smashing speed is 332 kph or 207 mph at the moment by Chinese star player Haifeng Fu. Regarding racket sports, many people compare badminton with tennis.

In fact, badminton is a lot different from tennis, especially the techniques to play. Both the rackets and the shuttlecock is a lot lighter than those for tennis, thus allowing badminton players use more of their wrist and fingers to generate power for short racket swings, while these are not seen in tennis.

Tennis players would, on the other hand, hold their wrist stable to prevent injury and swing with their elbow and shoulder.

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