Best Junior Tennis Racquets 2020 – Get The Right Racquet

If your kids are interested in playing tennis, then they need to use the best junior tennis racquet that you can find in the market. Unfortunately, there is simply no one size fits all. Kids don’t develop the skills and physical or mental abilities needed for tennis at the same ages and at the same rate.

How to choose a junior tennis racquet

Here is a really helpful junior tennis racquet size chart to determine what racquet is appropriate for you kids:

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As you can see from the chart above, choosing a racquet depends on your kid’s age and height. Although, this is not an exact science the chart is a good start. Racquet length may go lower or higher depending on if your child is a total beginner or intermediate/advanced player.

Choose the wrong racquet, such as choosing a much bigger one for your small kid and your kid may suffer early injuries and hate the sport. That’s why we created this article to review different racquets and help you find the right racquet for your kids.

5 Best Junior Tennis Racquets in 2020

1. Wilson US Open Junior

This is a great racquet for beginner players. It is affordable and lightweight stick. You can choose from 19″ up to 25″ racquet length. But if you have tall children, the 25″ racquet may look and feel smaller for them. The Wilson’s C-Beam frame gives more power and stability to the racquet.

Anyway, here is Wilson’s guidelines for their junior tennis racquets:

  • 19″ for kids 5 years old and below
  • 21″ for kids 5-6 years old
  • 23″ for kids 7-8 years old
  • 25″ for kids 9-10 years old

The racquet is easy to use and it can help your kids to learn the basics of tennis. The stick is easy to maneuver which is a plus. Kids will love using it and will love to play the sport more.

2. Babolat Nadal Junior

Babolat is a very popular brand not just for kids but also for adult players. And, they didn’t disappoint when they launched the Babolat Nadal Junior. It has an aluminum construction which makes it a lightweight racquet. While the Babolat Pure Drive Junior is aimed at advancing junior players, the Babolat Nadal Junior Tennis Racquet is a great weapon for beginners. It is light and easy. Your kids will definitely have an easier time learning tennis.

Here is Babolat’s sizing guide for their junior racquet line:

  • 140-145 cm: Nadal Jr 26
  • 125-140 cm: Nadal Jr 25
  • 110-125 cm: Nadal Jr 23
  • 100-110 cm: Nadal Jr 21
  • Up to 100 cm: Nadal Jr 19

Another good thing about this product is you can choose a 26″ racquet which is very suitable for older and taller kids, about 10-12 years of age.

3. Wilson Juice Junior

If you and your kids are competitive tennis players, the Wilson Juice Junior Tennis Racquet is a good choice. It is a serious racquet for serious players. The carbon fiber frame reduces the racquet’s weight while providing great overall performance.

It also has a pink variant for your adorable yet competitive daughters. The extended length (25″ and 26″ variants) provides easy power and extra maneuverability. If you kids can’t handle an adult-sized racquet just yet, the Wilson Juice Junior Racquet or the Wilson Burn are great choices before moving up.

Again here is Wilson’s sizing guidelines:

  • 19″ for kids 5 years old and below
  • 21″ for kids 5-6 years old
  • 23″ for kids 7-8 years old
  • 25″ for kids 9-10 years old

4. Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Obviously, this stick is designed for your daughters who are big fans of Hello Kitty or for those who love the color pink! This is a great racquet if you want to introduce your daughters to tennis. It has a pink gradient pearl paint finish and a bow logo on its strings. Your daughters can’t resist the racquet’s cuteness and easy playability.

Although the racquet is lightweight, we were really surprised with its durability. It will make playing tennis so much fun, encouraging and easy to learn. Your daughter and her racquet will definitely get a lot of attention while playing with this cute racquet.

Other options for Pink Tennis Racquets for Kids & Juniors (Clicking the link will bring you to Amazon)

5. Head Speed Junior

And last but certainly not the least, on this list is the Head Speed Junior Racquet. Available in different colors and different sizes, this racquet is also great for kids of different ages. It also comes with a 100 square inch head size and a lightweight aluminum frame.

The Head Speed Junior is lighter than most standard racquets and it can improve your kids. It is easy to use as well and great whether you have smaller or taller kids. The quality is also good, the stick will definitely last long with correct usage of course.

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