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Racquetball is a great and challenging sport and it has been around since the 1950s. Everyone can play it but the sport is more popular among 18 to 60-year-old players. One of the most common questions about racquetball is how to pick the best racquetball racquet. Many players didn’t know or overthink what to look for when choosing a racquet.

best racquetball racquets

In this article, I will review different racquets that are good whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced players. Plus, the factors to look for when looking for one.

I have broken my best racquet ball racquet down into the following sections:

  • Best for Intermediate to Advanced Players
  • Best for Beginner Players
  • Best for Older Players

Best Racquetball Racquets

3 Racquets For Intermediate to Advanced Players

1. Head Liquid Metal

Another classic racquet from Head, the Head Liquid Metal has been around for more than a decade. There are many reasons why this stick is so popular and well loved by many racquetball players around the world.

First, we will talk about this racquet’s structure. Head incorporated the “Liquid Metal Technology” that gives the racquet more power and stability. It also ensures the racquet will not deform on impact thus creating more power on your every return.

Secondly, it is a well-balanced racquet that will surely confuse your opponent during a match. Power, great ball control, grip size alongside with a nice weight, truly it is a remarkable weapon of choice.

2. Ekleton EXO3 RG Toron Lite

Thanks to the legendary Ruben Gonzalez, the Ekleton EXO3 RG Toron Lite becomes popular among intermediate to advanced players. Does the racquet live up to its hype? I would say, YES! Weighing at 160g with a teardrop shaped frame, its sweet spot is located up towards the top of the frame.

It is a stiff racquet and comes with the EXO3 technology that adds more power and bigger sweet spot. If you’re a player with quick swing speed, you will definitely fall in love with this lightweight racquet. Easy to maneuver, quick, light and powerful that makes the Ekleton EXO3 RG Toron Lite one of the best racquetball racquets for intermediate to advanced players.

3. E-Force Apocalypse

If you are looking for a powerful racquet that has a nice control and touch then the E-Force Apocalypse might be for you. It has a large sweet spot but not as big as the previous E-Force racquets so you might want to consider that before getting this racquet.

The stick is very precise, you will definitely see the improvement on your drop shots. It is also very comfortable to hold and to use, the vibration is very minimal. My only gripe with it is the high swing weight that makes the stick feel heavier to maneuver.

 For Beginners

1. Head Intelligence i.165

Loved by many players and a long time classic, the Head Intelligence i.165 is the perfect choice for most beginners.  Because it is a mid-level stick, there are also lots of intermediate and advanced players are using it. Now, you wanna know why this is a great choice? First, the racquet offers a great amount of power and control, the two features that you want to look for a racquetball racquet.

It is a head-heavy stick and Head incorporates their Intellifiber technology that stiffens the racquet during the ball’s impact thus giving the user tremendous response for more power. It has a better quality and closer to a modern racquet.

The Head Intelligence i.165 is a serious racquet without breaking the bank. You can even purchase cheap racquetballs like the Ekleton Fireball so you can start playing right away. It will definitely improve your game. Responsive, powerful, more control and speed = much more fun!

Did you know?

Although not mandatory, using an eyewear like goggles or glasses can help you prevent a serious eye injury during a match. Use an eyewear with an anti-fog capability if possible. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can find an affordable eyewear like the Head Impulse or my recommended eyewear the Ekleton Strobe.

2. E-Force Chaos

Another popular racquet among beginners, the E-Force Chaos also provides a huge amount of power to your every shot. Although it has a smaller sweet spot than the Head Intelligence i.165 you can still hit it plenty of times.

The stick also offers exclusive E-Force technologies that can also be found in their higher end sticks. The E-Force Chaos is a heavier racquet and you may take some time to getting used to it. The racquet has a very solid feel when you make contact with the ball.

It also has a good amount of control that can teach beginners more techniques when playing. That is why the stick is considered as one of the best entry level racquetball racquets.

3. Ekleton Power Ring Freak

If you’re looking for a really affordable but also enjoyable racquet, then you may go for the Ekleton Power Ring Freak. It has a decent quality (of course not as the same as the two racquets above) and it performs really well.

The stick has a tear drop frame shape that provides more power but less sweet spot. It is also a heavier racquet but this one comes with a nice grip. Even though this racquet is affordable, I’ve found out that it is durable and it can withstand powerful swings and ball impacts.

If you’re a player on a tight budget and just starting to play the game this racquet is for you.

Racquet For Older Players

1. Head TKO Racquetball Racquet

Generally speaking, heavier racquets are recommended for older players because they can prevent injuries while providing power assistance. The Head TKO doesn’t disappoint in those departments. It is heavy, weighing 185g, that will provide additional power without sacrificing control.

The stick is also stable on off center shots so it helps to prevent injuries such as tennis or golfers elbow. The Head TKO is also a good choice if you’re coming out of retirement and wants to play racquetball once again.

Just remember that if you are an older player, probably 50 years old and above, it is very recommended to use heavier racquets. I will update this article once I find more racquet ball racquets for older people.

Read our FAQs before buying

What are the things to consider when choosing a racquet?

Racquet Weight

Racquet weight greatly affects power, maneuverability and control. Beginners and older players with slow swing may choose a heavier racquet. Medium speed swingers can use medium weight racquets, they are perfect for everyone regardless of skill levels.

Medium speed swingers can use medium weight racquets, they are perfect for everyone regardless of skill levels.

Players with a faster swing, usually intermediate to advanced players, should go for lighter racquets because they can generate their own power and wants complete control.

Racquet Balance

Generally speaking, head heavy racquets have more weight at the top of the frame. Head light racquets have more weight on the throat or handle while even balance racquets have a middle balance point.

It is also safe to say that:

  • Head heavy – increases swing speed and swing weight resulting to more power.
  • Head light – lightweight racquets that you can easily control. Great for frontcourt play.
  • Even balance – provides a balance of power and control. Perfect if you want to tweak your racquet and playstyle.

Swing Weight

Lower swing weight racquets ( less than 150) will give you more control and you can easily adjust quickly.

Medium swing weight racquets have a balance of power and control and they are a must for all competitive players.

Higher swing weight racquets are good for beginners because they can help you generate power without too much effort.

Grip Size

It is all about personal preference actually. If you have rather small hands, you can go for a SS (super small). If you have larger hands go for XS (extra small) grips.

Should I go for cheaper racquets?

You may go and buy yourself a cheap racquet if you really have a tight budget. But, I recommend to save some and go for at least a mid level racquet like the Head Intelligence i.165 or even the affordable Ekleton Power Ring.

The racquet you buy will make a big difference. Cheap racquets are not durable and can bend easily thus you will end up buying again.

Racquets from reputable brands like Head, Ekleton, E-Force and Gearbox can improve your game without spending too much.

What are the additional accessories needed?

Goggles/glasses – in my opinion, this is a really important accessory. It can protect your eye from injuries. Make sure to choose goggles/glasses that have an anti-fog feature.

Dampener – if your racquet vibrates a lot, you should apply dampeners.

Shoes – lightweight running shoes are recommended.

Balls – you can’t play a match without them, right?

Is there any significant difference between a starter, intermediate and advanced racquets?

If you’re new to the game and used a starter racquet you may feel a big improvement when using a mid or higher level racquet. If you’re just playing casually with friends or family a starter/beginner racquetball racquet will suffice.

If you want to compete with higher level players, in competition or wanted to go pro then definitely you will need the best racquetball racquet that you can afford.

Why are heavier racquets preferred for old players?

As I explained above, heavier racquets (180g and above) are recommended because as we get old, we lose swing speed and power. Heavier racquets give older players more power and they are also helping to reduce the risk of injuries.

What is the best brand in the market?

In my opinion, there is no “best” brand. Popular brands like Head, Ekleton, Wilson, Gearbox and E-Force offers different racquets for different types of skill levels.

Will I improve if I get the best racquetball racquet?

You will feel a slight improvement when you’re moving up. But, it is more important to improve your skills and techniques rather than moving from one stick to another. Sure, a great racquet can help you improve but you still need to practice a lot and learn from your mistakes in order to be more competitive.

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