5 Best Tennis Overgrips – For Sweaty Hands & Tackiness 2020

Like any other sports, tennis is also a game that requires special tools to actualize the sports’ potential to bring about fun and excitement. 

When playing tennis, it is important that you’re aware of the special tools that will make your game a success. A tennis overgrip is just one of them.

This tool is a soft, clothlike, tape that is used to wrap around the grip or handle of your tennis racquet.

Basically, using only but the best tennis overgrip allows you to increase the absorption of sweat. It also allows you to have more stickiness or tackiness when holding the racquet’s grip.

In addition, a tennis overgrip also allows you to expand the grip’s circumference and to add some cushioning or padding for a more comfortable tennis play. Keep reading as you’ll find out the five best overgrips for your tennis racquets.

Sweaty hands or not, you will definitely love these overgrips.

Best Tennis Overgrips Dry, All-around & Tacky 2020

1. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel – Great dry overgrips for sweaty hands

Used by many amateurs, professionals, and college players, the Tourna Grip with its original dry feel feature allows you to increase the tackiness of your grip as you sweat. 

Initially, you’ll have a dry feel of the grip, but the more you sweat the more the grip gets tacky. When your grip gets tacky, this only entails that you’ll have a comfortable position as you strike.

Other people may have an impression that the grip of your tennis racquet may lose its tackiness as soon as your hands’ sweat. However, you may be surprised that this Tourna Grip is the opposite of what most people are used to with overgrips because this one just allows you to add tackiness when you sweat.

What is also great about this Tourna Grip package is the inclusion of a vinyl zipper organizer that keeps the overgrips secured and organized inside your tennis bag. Plus, it also has a roll of finishing tape that you can utilize when the overgrip tends to unravel.

2. Babolat Pro Tour – Thick and tacky

The Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip features a slightly tacky feel and a good absorption. Other than this is another remarkable feature of this overgrip as discussed below. Manufacturer of this overgrip prides this product’s durability.

You’ll know how durable this overgrip with the customer reviews. Many customers attest that this overgrip can stand weariness amidst multiple uses.

The Babolat Pro Tour is also considered a versatile overgrip because it can be used not just for tennis, but also for badminton and other racquet games.

The only downside of this overgrip is its limited color options. Therefore, it’s great to watch out for this brand in its next release of overgrips because they may need to upgrade the features which include adding more color availability.

3. Wilson Pro Overgrip – A great all-rounder

The Wilson Pro Overgrip comes in a bundle of three that is perfect for tennis tours. In fact, this brand of overgrip has been widely used by frequent tennis players.

Made of polyurethane, the Wilson Pro Overgrip is one great tennis tool that completes your tennis ensemble. What most avid players love about this is its super thin construction with its high-stretch felt surface because it gives off an optimal feel.

The Wilson Pro Overgrip is available in different colors such as orange, green, pink, yellow, teal, silver, and rose. The color option is one of the features that makes this overgrip appealing to a lot of players, men and women alike.

This overgrip is also perfect for beginners because it can easily be applied. Its features and entire construction make it a great option for both professionals and starters.

4. Yonex Super Grap

If you are looking for an overgrip that is away from slippage whenever you sweat, you should definitely check the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip.

This overgrip has been preferred by a lot of tennis players. In fact, even badminton, racquetball, and squash players prefer this because of its slippage resistance. Perspiration has always been an issue for any sports that involve using a racquet, hence having an overgrip that is less likely to slip is preferred by racquet players.

Whenever you decide to purchase the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip, keep in mind that it comes in one roll with three strips. Other buyers were initially complaining that they were cheated on by the manufacturers because you’d see only one roll at a first glance. However, as soon as you open the package, you’ll see that the three strips are congested in one roll.

5. Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip – Firm and comfortable to use

Another great option for professionals and beginners alike is the Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip. Like what most tennis players encounter, sweat has always been a struggle when using a racquet because it increases the possibility of slippage. This is why this overgrip is an appealing tennis piece for the frequent players because it has an enhanced sweat absorption.

Moreover, this type of overgrip features much tackiness in its grip which provides comfort whenever you’re playing. One noticeable feature of the Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip is its easy application, hence it’s highly advisable for beginners. Looking for the best angle when applying this overgrip is one of the features any beginner should look for in an overgrip. It is also available in different cool colors.

It’s been a great deal for most buyers because its sweat absorption and tackiness remain at constant regardless of how many times they have used the overgrip.

How to Choose Tennis Overgrips

Now that you’ve found out what’s best in the market, it’s time to know the top considerations when buying tennis overgrips.

Type of Overgrip

There are three types of overgrips dry, tacky and all-around. But do not be fooled by these “types”. Generally speaking, each overgrips have the ability to handle sweat while remaining tacky at the same time. It is just the amount of tackiness will definitely better when you choose a tacky overgrips while dry overgrips can handle more sweat than tacky and all-around overgrips.

The Price

Overgrips are available in packs and in bulk. Generally, overgrips are affordable equipment but it’s cheaper if you buy them in bulk.


You need to ensure comfort when you play tennis, hence it’s essential to consider tackiness of your overgrip so as to make sure that you’re holding the racquet as tightly as possible.

Great at absorbing sweat?

Of course, always consider an overgrip that can really absorb sweat because it will definitely save you from the hassle caused by perspiration. You wouldn’t want to let your hands slip from the grip as you play, thus consider an overgrip with a great absorption quality.


Tennis overgrips for your racquet aren’t merely a decor that adds vibrance because there are a lot of benefits you can get out from using overgrips for your tennis racquet.  Doing research about the different products in the market and things to consider can help you find tennis overgrips that will suit your need.

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