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The Importance of Tennis Serve

I believe the serve is the most important stroke in tennis. Let me correct something I just said…the serve is not a stroke…far more complicated. The serve is almost a separate game/sport all its own. And yet it sets up everything that happens after it is delivered. Some players I …

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Mental Tennis

80% of a tennis match is intervals between points, games and sets. And what are you doing during this time? (THINKING). For most of you, your brain is responding to your EMOTIONS! ‘How did I miss that shot?” “He was so lucky on that shot” “I’m thirsty” “I can’t believe …

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How Does Tennis Wrist Injury Develop?

This is typical injury that follows all racquet sports like squash, racquetball or tennis. American tennis player Andy Roddick had to abandon defending his Key Biscayne ATP Masters Series title, in March 2005, because of wrist injury. Overuse injuries of the wrist are tendinitis, nerve conditions, such as carpal tunnel …

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