Denver 168, Sonics 112

SUNDAY, MARCH 16, 2008

You know how there’s all this talk about how, if the Sonics leave, the city could keep the franchise’s records? We might want to set a cut-off date for that, because they are starting to set some records I don’t think we want.

Tonight the Sonics set a record for defensive futility in a regulation game, allowing 168 points to Denver. I’d predicted yesterday that the Nuggets might score 150, never thought I’d be under by 18 points.

I started listening to this game driving home from Capitol Hill. In about three minutes of game action, I heard Kenyon Martin score two alleyoops, and Luke Ridnour pick up two fouls trying to guard AI. I knew I had to watch the train wreck unfold.

The Nuggets scored 48 in the 1st quarter. They’d reached 60 points with eight minutes left in the 2nd. At about that point, with the Sonics down 20, the game started to take on the pace and defensive tenor of an All-Star game.

From that point on, there were very few contested shots, mostly it was drive and score and drive and dish. George Karl left his first unit in a lot longer than you’d expect, and the Nuggets scored the same in the second half (84) as they had in the first.

J.R. Smith punctuated the game with a dunk over Sene (yes, there was a Sene sighting). But the scoring actually ended when Taurean Green hit a three

My roommate sums it up: “I’m watching a team that’s asking for millions of taxpayer dollars, and they can’t keep an opponent within 50 points.”

Listening to Kevin Calabro and Snapper Jones was interesting. Calabro at halftime made the point that the young guys were still competing, which was a good sign (if of dubious veracity). Jones’s message was that the young guys have to remember this beating, so that they can pay it back in the future. Too bad payback’s going to come at the Ford Center.

UPDATE: From HoopsWorld, who had a reporter on the scene: “After the game one Nuggets player told me: ‘That’s what happens when you quit in the NBA. If you quit in the NBA, you’re lucky that a team doesn’t score 2000 points on you.'”

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