Lobster Sports “The Pickle” Pickleball Machine Review in 2021

Lobster Sports The Pickle Pickleball Machine Review

Lobster Sports is a very popular ball machines. No one thought that they will end up making a pickleball machine. They aimed high and invent “The Pickle”, a serious machine that has lots of features with a fair price point.

For now, maybe you have some doubts whether you should get a pickleball machine or opt for a ton of private lessons instead. Now, let me tell you some advantages and disadvantages of having a pickleball machine.


  1. Pickleball machines, in general, are portable. The Pickle weighs 35 lbs. it is heavier than the Tutor though.
  2. You can carry them anywhere and everywhere.
  3. You can use them anytime you want, night or day!
  4. Silent partner! You will hear no complaints from them.
  5. You can set them depending on your skill level.
  6. You get a reliable, realistic shot to play off.
  7. You will look ultra cool among your peers.


  1. The initial investment is bigger than private lessons.
  2. So many balls to pick up after a practice session.
  3. You can not talk to them. Sorry mate!
  4. Real drill mentors are hard to find

As you can see from above statements, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. In my opinion, if you have the budget and wants to progress further go get yourself a pickleball machine. They are portable and easy to use.

But if you’re ambition is to go pro, getting both a machine and private lessons at the same time will make your progress even faster.

The Review

Now, back to the “star” of this article, the Pickle is a great choice for your first pickleball machine. You will get great features without spending too much. Now let us see the Lobster Sports The Pickle Pickleball Machine’s features, the good and the bad.


Speed: 10 to 60 mph

Oscillation: random horizontal

Spin: top, back

Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Elevation: manual, 0-50 degrees

Ball capacity: 135

Weight: 35 lbs.

Power: battery (ac/dc optional)

Court time: 2-4 hours

Based on the specs above, it has a random horizontal oscillation, top and backspin with manual elevation up to 50 degrees which is more than enough to produce challenging shots for you. You can improve your dinks, lobs, and groundstrokes in no time.

From the specs alone, it is fair to say that you will not easily outgrow the machine. You can use it for a long time even if you become a more advanced player.


Carrying it from home to pickleball courts will be a breeze. Thanks to its built-in 8-inch wheels and a handle to maneuver it like a luggage.

Additionally, it is also more mobile than the other pickleball machine in the market, as the hopper turns over and sits on top of the oscillator for transporting.

See this video to learn how easy it is to disassemble:

the pickle by Lobster – easy down, easy up!

the pickle is EASY TO USE with INVERTING HOPPER and FOLDING HANDLE! People have asked to see how the pickle dissembles, so here's a quick video. the pickle is very similar to our tennis ball machines — which are easy to move, easy to transport, and easy to store! Get more details at LOBSTERSPORTS.COM! #thepickle #bestballmachine #thepicklebylobster #lobstersports #pickleball #pickleballgear #pickleballmachine #pickleballaddict #pickleballin #pickle #pickleballs #picklemachine #pickleballtraining #pickleballdoubles #sport #pickleballlife #lobstersportsballmachine #usapa #playpickleball #lobsterpickleball #training #Lobsterfamily #Lobsterballmachine #ballmachine #lobsterpickle #playmorewinmore

Posted by Lobster Sports, Inc. on Thursday, May 17, 2018

One more thing that I really like about the Lobster Sports The Pickle is, it has everything built in and you don’t have to buy things separate as add-ons. Although, you may want to get the fast charger (because the included charger is slower) and a remote too!

Balls… Gotta have more balls!

It can hold up to 135 balls, 10 balls more than the Pickleball Tutor Machine. But it also means more balls to buy and to pick up after each session. It works on both indoor and outdoor pickle balls.

A great advantage over competitors

The Pickle has an added feature that the Simon and Pickleball Tutor machines don’t have. It gives you a choice of spin. And for me, that is the deal breaker. Adding a spin feature will help you react from different shots at different angles. Additionally, it also has faster speed settings.

Setting up the machine is effortless. The controls and buttons are straight to the point.

The Pickle’s dashboard. Easy to use and to set it up.

Battery life

When charged overnight, it can run up to 2 – 4 hours. It greatly depends on your on-court settings. Its battery life is not the greatest and so is the included charger.

See the Pickle in action

And finally, after all the good and bad things you read about the Pickle, you’re wondering how it performs during drills. Here’s a quick video about it:

THE PICKLE by Lobster pickleball machine in action!

THE PICKLE by Lobster IN ACTION! 💥 Throws up to 60 mph with both heavy top & backspin. 💥 Holds 135 balls & battery lasts up to 4 hours per charge. 💥 Fully random oscillation. 💥 Easy to transport – only 35 lbs with inverting hopper & large 8" all-terrain wheels. GET YOUR PICKLE TODAY at lobstersports.com! #thepickle #thepicklebylobster #lobstersports #pickleball #pickleballgear #pickleballmachine #pickleballaddict #pickleballin #pickle #pickleballs #pickleballtraining #pickleballdoubles #sport #pickleballlife #lobstersports #usapa #playpickleball #pickleballmonth #training #Lobsterfamily #Lobsterballmachine #ballmachine #playmorewinmore

Posted by Lobster Sports, Inc. on Thursday, April 26, 2018



  1. Easy to set up
  2. Can hold 135 balls. Holds more than the competition
  3. Spin setting
  4. Easy to carry around
  5. Reliable shots
  6. Costs less than the Simon 2


  1. Heavier machine
  2. Hopper is bulkier
  3. Below par battery life


If you have the budget and wants to invest in a pickleball machine, then the Lobster Sports The Pickle is a wise choice. It has top-notch features and priced decently. It’s easier to transport and set up, and the ever useful spin setting is a must have. You can play with it faster, though they should improve its battery life to get the most out of it.

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