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Mike Holmgren’s Game Plan, Courtesy of NB

So NBC evidently got a nice closeup of Mike Holmgren’s playcard during yesterday’s telecast. I didn’t notice at the time, but I record all the Hawks games in HD on my Tivo.

As you can see from the timebar, it was shown 1 hour and 18 minutes into the telecast, which began at 5:15 PST. You see it for about a second, then the camera zooms out.

You could probably make out the actual play names if you came over to my house and got two feet from my TV. But I can make out the headers, and I especially like the notes in the lower right hand corner (one of which gets covered by my Tivo timebar):

1) Just call it!!
2) Run!
3) Tempo

Even a play calling master like Holmgren needs reminders every once in a while.

Ooh–I just noticed something cool–“Seneca Plays” on the left-hand side…obviously for Seneca Wallace. Looks like there are five of them.

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