Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings – 2020

best natural gut tennis strings

Pros and players that have some experience already knew this. If you are a new player or a hobbyist, choosing a racquet is just another step to playing tennis. Selecting tennis strings are quite important. In fact, tennis strings are vital to how your tennis racquet performs. In this article, I will be reviewing natural gut tennis strings.

Natural gut strings are the oldest strings. They are widely used in tour due to their outstanding power, playability, and comfort. They are also easy on the arms and have an amazing feel.

5 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings 2020

1. Babolat VS Touch

Babolat, an iconic name in the tennis industry, produced high-quality natural gut strings that most players loved. The Babolat VS Touch is the choice of many ATP and WTA Tour pros. Why is it so popular? It gives the player great power, great comfort and a soft, premium feel needed for top level play.

Most other strings are compared to this VS string for a reason. It is the benchmark for playability and comfort. The Babolat VS Touch has a nice coating called Thermogut to protect the natural gut fibers from moisture and friction. It also improves the elasticity resulting to a high playability at higher tensions.

Babolat also added a BT7 treatment to its strings that increases the durability by up to 15%. The new coating offers a more solid feel and it also boost the strings resistance from humidity.


  • Excellent combination of power, feel, comfort and playability
  • A very reliable string
  • Great for 1st-time gut user

2. Babolat VS Team

Another great string from Babolat, this one is called Babolat VS Team. This string is almost the same as the VS Touch. Both strings do offer excellent power, comfort, playability, tension maintenance and that premium feel. What is the main difference of VS Team to the VS Touch? The Babolat VS Team is available in 17 gauge while the VS Touch is available in 15 and 16 gauge.

The VS Team also comes with Thermogut technology that improves its durability and resistance to humidity. The BT7 technology is also present in this string, giving it more durability and crispier feel.


  • Premium tennis string
  • Offers power, comfort and crispier feel
  • Has a great playability

3. Klip Legend Natural Gut

In my opinion, this is a solid alternative for the Babolat VS strings. Klip Legend Natural Gut string is responsive and very comfortable to play with. It is also soft, stretchy and easy to string. This one is also good to use as a hybrid. With this on the mains, you will definitely feel the extra boost in power, comfort and playability.


  • Durable string, will definitely last longer if you use it as a hybrid.
  • Can go head to head with the popular Babolat VS strings
  • Gives you control, power and comfort

4. Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Wilson Champions Choice Duo is actually a hybrid string. It is a combination of Wilson Natural Gut and Luxilon ALU Power Rough strings. I included it in the list because it is really a good string. Although not a full natural gut, this string also gives you the power, softness and the feel of a full natural gut.

It is really comfortable and good on your shoulders. I always used the natural gut in the mains so it is more powerful, gives more control and comfier.


  • Great all around string
  • Somewhat durable

5. Pacific Classic Natural Gut

pacific natural gut

Another popular string in the Tour is the Pacific Classic Natural gut string. It is an excellent all around string. It also gives you an extra power, soft feel and the playability is up there with other premium natural gut strings. It has a Triple Seal Technology, which increases the playability, durability, and at the same time reduces tension loss.

It also improves the string’s humidity resistance. Pacific Classic Natural Gut is more affordable than the other natural gut strings. The only problem is, it has a questionable durability. Some users including myself, find that it snaps easily. My recommendation is, use this as a hybrid string to prolong its life.


  • Soft and comfortable premium string
  • Triple Seal Technology really helps
  • Affordable

What is a Natural Gut String?

Invented in 1875 by the great Pierre Babolat. Natural gut strings are the oldest strings. They are made from intestines of cows. Yes, kinda gross but it is true and maybe that is the reason why natural gut is the softest string on the market.

Natural gut has a great feel and playing comfort. Has an outstanding elasticity, extra resilient and the tension remains stable. Since natural gut strings are capable of absorbing vibrations, they received a lot of praises due to the fact that they can prevent injuries like a tennis elbow.

Compared to other types of strings, natural gut strings provide the best ball feeling but do take note, they have a short lifespan. Nothing can match it’s power, premium feel and comfort. That is why they are expensive than most strings in the market.

Natural gut strings are also great for hybrid stringing. If you’re a heavy hitter and a little disappointed with their durability use it with filament strings and you can have yourself a powerful and durable string combination. If you want to add more spin to your shots you can use it together with strings that can produce a lot of spins.

Maintaining Your Strings

Maintaining your natural gut is actually easy. It will last fine in the wet weather as long as you’re good about taking care of the strings when you’re not playing. Remember to keep them in your bag, NOT on your wet t-shirt, or on wet surfaces because it will make the tension go down and will not be playable at all.


Natural gut strings are definitely worth your money. It gives you extreme comfort, premium feel and it is very power oriented tennis string. The string will also help you to prevent any arm or shoulder injuries, thanks to its vibration absorbing feature.

There are no perfect strings, the downside is that they do not have a high lifespan if you didn’t take care of them properly and it is a little expensive to buy. Most professional tennis players play with natural gut. If performance takes priority over money, do not think twice, buy natural gut tennis strings.

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