Tennis Doubles Partner Blues

The fol­low­ing arti­cle is by guest con­trib­u­tor, Steve Torres. Dou­bles brings a com­po­nent to the game that can often be very chal­leng­ing. In fact, your partner’s tac­ti­cal approach[…]

Passing Shots

There are two main things that should affect your deci­sion on how you pass some­one. One is: How force­ful your opponent’s approach or vol­ley has been, allow­ing him/her[…]

Find It, Feel It, Finish!

Today, I want to intro­duce you to a new con­cept in ten­nis. The three “F”s. Find it, Feel it, and Finish. Although nor­mally an “F” stands for fail­ure, these[…]