Pickleball: Great Sport For The Whole Family

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Is it possible to join sport and family? Absolutely yes, but we have always taken into account the sport to be done in order to know which people can practice it. In very few occasions, it is impossible to see kids playing with their father and grandfather in a group sport at the same time, due to the limitations that the first and/or third of the aforementioned can have.

In the United States, a sport that the whole family can practice is becoming popular, regardless of age: the Pickleball. But, what does this sport consist of?

The Pickleball was born in Seattle , United States, in 1968. Thanks to a family that built a tennis court smaller than normal for their two children, they started to play with shovels similar to those used on the beach. Take rules and characteristics of tennis, paddle tennis, table tennis and badminton.

Buy a pickleball paddle, a handful of pickleballs and find a tennis court, you can immediately play the sport.

It is becoming popular in North America , where it is increasingly common to see pickleball courts and people of all ages practicing this fun and challenging sport. But what does this sport contribute to others? What differentiating factor does it contribute to other racquet sports or team sports?

First of all, it is a sport for all the members of the family. Its mechanics are simple, similar to tennis and with a rhythm chosen by those who practice it, since it can vary depending on whether it is a competition or a game with playful purposes.

It can be played by the youngest, parents and grandparents. The pace is set by the participants thanks to the use of a low speed ball. It is a good way to integrate all the members of the family in a fun, healthy and entertaining way.

In addition, it is very easy to learn . Any user who has ever played tennis, paddle tennis, table tennis, badminton or shovels on the beach will be able to defend themselves without problems in the pickleball. Little by little it is integrated into other countries like Spain, where it already has an Association and two venues where to practice it in the Community of Madrid.

It can also be practiced by people with reduced mobility , such as individuals in wheelchairs. As with tennis, the Pickleball can be played regardless of physical condition. There are no limitations to practice it, the limit is set by you. It is a good way to practice sport without age or mobility being an impediment.

Finally, it also helps social integration and meeting new people. We must not overlook that sport is a good method to unite people with the same interests or needs, since it is a sport that does not require a physical condition “athlete” or a specific age, any user can enjoy a while of leisure and sport practicing Pickleball.

Its growth in North America has skyrocketed in recent years, and soon we could see how in Europe it is possible to install as it already did the paddle a few years ago, a sport that is in continuous growth and in its moment of boom.

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