Pickleball – Learn How to Play

I wrote this article today just to tell everybody a little bit about the game of pickleball. It is fun and easy to learn. Great for all ages too!

History of Pickleball

It started about 30 years ago by a family who wanted to teach their kids to play tennis. They bought some small tennis racquets and they played on the court. Well, they had a dog named Pickles and he used to steal the ball so that’s where the name came from.


A lightweight paddle can be a wooden or compositor graphic, it’s about the same size as a paddle tennis. A plastic ball with holes, not the kind you can buy at a store. It is especially made for the game. That’s basically all you need in order to play pickleball.

When choosing a paddle, you should consider its quality and if the paddle can improve your game.

The Court and Basic Rules

The game itself is played on what amounts to the service courts on a tennis court. It uses a net that looks very much like a tennis net. It is about 34 inches high in the middle. The line that parallels the net 7 feet away is called the no volley zone.

It’s also called the kitchen, one of the basic rules of the game is you’re not allowed to go in the kitchen and hit the ball on the fly. That’s why it is called no volley zone.

Service starts on one side of the net, goes caddy corner to the other side. The ball must bounce on the serve inside the service box and the return of serve has to bounce once on the server side.

After that the ball can be played as a volley back and forth until the point one. Serving team on first service gets to serve just once. If they lose their serve on the first point, the service goes to the opposing team where they will get to serve each player once.

And that continues throughout the game they play to 11 points. You have to win by two so the game can go to many many more points than that.

Scoring is fairly simple, you always call your points first, the opposing teams point second and the number of the servers that when the game begins the score is 00 start.

If that point is lost the next server will call 001. If they win the point two partner switch sides, they serve again. The score is then 101. Once that person loses their serve it becomes 102, etc., back and forth our score your score and whoever is serving.

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