Best Tennis Balls for Every Skill Levels 2018

  Many sports use a variety of accessories and equipment. It is very important for athletes to know all about the technicalities in the equipment being used in the sport because it can make or break their game. It is true that skills, intelligence, and strength are the most important factors in winning the game. However, the knowledge[…]

best natural gut tennis strings

Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings – 2018

Pros and players that have some experience already knew this. If you are a new player or a hobbyist, choosing a racquet is just another step to playing tennis. Selecting tennis strings are quite important. In fact, tennis strings are vital to how your tennis racquet performs. In this article, I will be reviewing natural gut tennis strings. Natural gut[…]

The best tennis racquet for intermediate players in the market today

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players 2018

So you just got the news from your coach that you are good enough to move to the next level, from beginner to intermediate. Also, when you move to the next level, it also means that you need to a get a racquet that suits to the challenges in that level. Unlike the beginner level, you don’t need[…]

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners – 2018

Choosing your first racquet may not be that easy, specially for total beginners. The information out there is so huge and some recommendations are not helpful at all. I decided to create this article because this is one of the most common questions. So “what really is the best tennis racquet for beginners?”. Literally, every manufacturer out there claims[…]

The Importance of Tennis Serve

I believe the serve is the most important stroke in tennis. Let me correct something I just said…the serve is not a stroke…far more complicated. The serve is almost a separate game/sport all its own. And yet it sets up everything that happens after it is delivered. Some players I know have given up on working on the[…]