The Best Badminton Racket 2020 – Ultimate Guide

The kind of badminton racket you buy should be determined by your purpose of playing badminton. The badminton racket you want if you are playing for fun would be different from the one you want if you are playing competitively. Whatever purpose you have though, there would be a large variety of rackets you can choose from.

Of course you would want to get the best racket if you are a serious badminton player, but how do you select a badminton racket? Below are some of the recommendations you might find useful.

Best Badminton Racket for Beginners

1. Yonex Nanoray 10F Racket

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The Yonex Nanoray 10F badminton racket is designed for beginners that just started to play badminton. It is a lightweight and well-built racket. The weight is just 4U, meaning it has an average of 83 grams which makes it very easy on the arms. The Nanoray models are headlight so it’s built for speed to help you cut through the air quicker.

The racket’s sweet spot is bigger so beginners will have an extra pop on their shots. This is also a decent racket for intermediate players. My only gripe about it is the string quality. For beginners, you can never go wrong about this one.


  • Lightweight
  • Decent power
  • Big sweet spot


  • Strings are ordinary

2. RiteTrak FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

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The set includes two 90gram badminton rackets, 3 shuttlecocks and a fabric carrying bag. The rackets has a one piece design and are made with carbon fiber. It’s heavier than the Nanoray but it feels more sturdy.

The included rackets are really solid and not just like any ordinary cheap rackets out there. In fact, these are not entry level rackets at all. So, players can expect it will last long and will definitely make playing more fun. The rackets are smaller and they are good for kids and teens.


  • Solid and nice looking rackets
  • Great for kids and teens


  • String quality is so-so

Best Badminton Rackets for Intermediate Players

1. Senston N80 Racket

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This is a very sturdy racket that’s so popular among players that competes on tournaments. It has power, speed, aerodynamics and great stability. This is great for intermediate players, but beginners can also use it if they want to improve quicker.

The Senston N80 weight is about 80g. Since the racket is lightweight, you have to put more power on your shots. In my opinion, the Senston N80 is comparable to most Yonex Nanoray models out there.


  • Powerful, well-built and lightweight racket
  • Bang for the buck


  • The grip is a little disappointing

2. Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light

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The Muscle Power is another popular racket among intermediate players. When you first use this racket, you will immediately feel that it has a tremendous control. Because of its Isometric Shape Racket Technologythe racket’s sweet spot is bigger and it increases the hitting area by 32%.

The Muscle Power Frame Technology ensures that the racket can withstand stress and eliminate fatigue through contact friction. The racket’s weight is 2U and has an average of 92 grams. It is a little heavier than most rackets.


  • Box type frame that delivers greater swing speed and control
  • Large sweet spot


  • It is a heavy racket

Best Badminton Rackets For Advanced & Professional players

1. Yonex Voltric Z Force II Racket

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This is a very popular racket among pros and in tournaments. If you are a fan of head heavy balance racket, you will definitely love this racket. It is a power-packed racket that can really hit hard while using only minimal strength. It is perfect for big smashes and lots of power play.

The Voltric Z Force II is a compact frame which means it is slightly smaller than the standard frame. It has a really thin shaft but it is also very stiff. The racket will not suitable for everyone, as a matter of fact, I will only recommend this racket if you have a strong arms and you’ve got a great technique.


  • Amazing racket for advanced and professional players
  • Really powerful


  • Not easy on your wrists

2. Victor Brave Sword 12 Racket

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The Victor Brave Sword is an even balance racket. It can do many things very well. Maneuvering it is easy and quick. It is a 3U badminton racket, about 89grams, so it is on the heavier side. The racket is so easy to use defensively because of its added air resistance qualities.

It has a medium stiff shaft that is forgiving even for the intermediate or less advanced players. As I’ve said earlier this is an even balance racket so it is very effective offensively and defensively.


  • Top of the line quality and features
  • Great overall performance


  • The only negative I can think of is the racket’s lack of selection on this range

Best Badminton Racket Brands

Here are some popular brands that offers different selections for every skill level.

  1. Yonex
  2. Senston
  3. RiteTrack
  4. Champion
  5. Wilson
  6. Prince

How to Choose the Right Badminton Racket


You can either choose an oval or square shape badminton racket. A square-shaped racket has a bigger surface area and is more suitable for beginners. A round-shaped racket, on the other hand, is better for experienced player as it allows better power concentration.


Aluminum, or steel made badminton rackets are light in weight and they are good for accuracy. However, you would want to find a carbon fiber made racket if you are playing competitively because it is lightest in weight and allows for aerodynamics.


The weight of the badminton racket affects your handling. A heavier racket allows you to exert more power and is more stable, but you will need to know how to handle it properly. A light weight racket is no doubt easier to handle.


The grip can affect your performance greatly. Too small or too large a grip would be difficult to handle and can be tiring to use.


A more flexible racket is more appropriate for beginner use. However, as your techniques advance and your are playing to compete, you might wish to switch to a less flexible racket.

More tips

You can only look for the most ideal badminton racket for yourself because badminton rackets are designed targeting different body strengths and to achieve different results. Players who have more strength in their wrists and arms might choose a heavier badminton racket because that would allow them play with even more power.

Players not as powerful might select lighter rackets with isometric head because they can handle the racket more easily and do not have to worry about where they hit the shuttle.  

It is due to the unique strength, body build, and even training of individual player, that the badminton racket which works best for them would be different. In fact, the rule of thumb in choosing a badminton racket for yourself would be trying out a number of them.

If you play badminton regularly, you can swap your racket with your friends to play for a little while and then you can feel the difference and compare the results achieved. Playing with a few different rackets and you will have an idea what type of rackets are more suitable for you.  

Professional badminton rackets are specifically designed for control, speed and power. They are very durable and can cater to the stress of competitions.  These rackets are for serious playing and normally cost a few hundred dollars.  However, if you are playing for fun or as a family event, you might not need such professional rackets.  

The price of badminton rackets can range from $20 to a few hundreds. The racket you buy should depend on the purpose of your playing.  If you hope to train your skills and advance to some serious playing, you can start from the entry level model of well branded made.  

If you are just playing during the weekend with your family in the backyard, then you choose some cheap rackets or even buying a badminton racket set would be more appropriate because it includes 2-4 badminton rackets and shuttle, kind of a no brain buy.


Having a good badminton racket can help you play better. It may take some time before you get yourself the best racket. If you are a beginner, just try to get one that you feel comfortable to handle.

As time goes and you have more experience, you may try using other rackets to play and this can give you a feel about different badminton rackets and you can actually sense the difference before you find the right one for yourself.

Badminton is a healthy exercise and it is also a good socializing and family bonding activity too. Try scheduling a weekly game with your friends or family for better commitment to the exercise and occasional tournaments can also add fun and excitement to the game.

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