The Importance of Tennis Serve

I believe the serve is the most important stroke in tennis. Let me correct something I just said…the serve is not a stroke…far more complicated.

The serve is almost a separate game/sport all its own. And yet it sets up everything that happens after it is delivered.

Some players I know have given up on working on the serve as a weapon or improving on the serve at all. That is a BIG mistake. Their attitude is let’s just start the point and I’ll go from there.

Believe me; I understand why some feel this way. For most of us a great or effective serve does not come easily.

Some of us are limited by age, body type or perhaps an old injury. Even if one is young, supple, strong and athletic the serve is still complicated and takes time and work.

For someone on the tour to hit a 120 + MPH serve a lot of moving parts have to be technically correct and timed perfectly.

ENOUGH about how hard the serve can be!

Now the good news…

Everyone regardless of who they are can improve their serve and sometimes dramatically! We can improve parts a little at a time or overhaul your serve rapidly depending on your circumstances and dedication. Additionally, there are tennis racquets that can help you to improve your serve. You may take a look at my top recommendations here.

Here is the bottom line…

If you are serious about your game you have no choice but to improve your serve.

The serve dictates more than anything how points, games, sets and matches will be played. You notice I did not say be won…but the serve will dictate how you and your opponent will play.

As you can see there is more to the serve than you might think.

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