Why is it Worth Paying for a Good Tennis Racquet for Beginners?

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Tennis is a sport that dates back to the 1970s. Every aspect of the game has evolved over the years. This includes the racquets the players use. Initially, these racquets were made of wood, then metal, and later graphite. Currently, most of the racquets are made of graphene or titanium.

The modern racquets are also diverse in their own way. Each offers a different advantage compared to another. The differences are in their stiffness, balance and the kind of string used. Notably, these are aspects that affect how players play.

As a beginner, you ought to play with a racquet that’s appropriate. You are likely to achieve great success when you play with a racquet designed for beginners than one designed for advanced players. Many make the mistake of choosing the racquet that their favorite player use.

By using the right racquet, you get to hit more balls over the net. This will make you enjoy playing the game. Once you enjoy playing the game, you are likely to be on the court more. Ultimately, more practice will result in faster improvement.

Therefore, it becomes vital to choose the right racquet. Factors such as a player’s playing style and physique will all affect how the game is played. The racquet used could either strengthen or weaken their play. Below we will cover the importance of the right racquet and how they affect your game.

How do Racquets Impact a Game?

Frame thickness-The thickness impacts the game in that thicker frames tend to be stiffer. The effect it has on the ball is it will rebound faster. This is because minimal energy is used to bend the racquet. The only issue with this is that a stiffer frame equals more vibration to your arm.

Head size-The head size of the racquet greatly impacts the game. The head size can be described as either being mid-sized, mid-plus, or over-sized. The head size of the mid-sized racquet is 80-94 square inches, the mid-plus racket is 95-105square inches and the over-sized racket is more than 105 square inches.

Naturally, the larger head causes the ball to rebound faster. It also offers a larger sweet spot. The sweet spot is used to refer to the area on the racket where the ball bounces off accurately and fastest. Such racquets are beneficial for beginners. The other parts on the racquet’s face minimize vibration or shock to the player’s hand.

String- The string is considered to have the most impact on the ball. This is especially because it is the material that gets into contact with the ball. Theoretically, this means the string should receive the most time, effort, and money. In fact, it is common to see professional players constantly adjusting and checking on their racquet strings.

The string chosen or used is critical as it will influence the amount of spin and power imparted. It will also influence how it feels when you strike the ball. While tight strings offer more control, loose strings give more power. Also, thinner strings offer more feel, but more breakage at the same time. Our partners at Swingitbig.com say the best part about tennis strings is that they are cost effective and easy to replace with a tennis stringing machine.

Weight- The power of the racquet is determined by its weight. The ultimate swing and how it feels when you hold it is also dependent on the weight. A lighter racquet has less power compared to a heavier racquet. Generally, stability is felt more with a heavier racquet.

However, before picking a racquet, you should consider your individual conditioning and strength. The right racquet allows you to swing with ease on the major points of contact. Your game would be affected if you chose an extremely heavy racquet that causes you to feel fatigued fast.

An advantage of the heavier racquet is the control that it offers. Additionally, players get less vibration with this racquet which helps in preventing the tennis elbow. These racquets include those that are head-heavy and those that are heavier closer to the grip. The one that is head-heavy offers more power, while the ones that are less head-heavy offer better control.

A Pre-purchase Checklist

Before you purchase a racquet, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. They include;

  • Who are you buying the racquet for? An adult or a child?
  • What price range are you willing to pay for?
  • Are you focused on creating power for the shots or are you more interested in control?
  • Is the sport for recreation or professional purposes?

Should I opt for an Expensive Racquet?

Expensive racquets that are necessary for a good game are available. The constant advancement of an intermediate tennis racquet has also contributed to higher prices. You should keep in mind that cheap racquets are made from materials that are inferior.

The decision to opt for an expensive racquet should be dependent on why you are playing the game. If you are merely playing for fun, you are better starting with a cheaper racquet. However, getting a cheaper racquet should not cause you to compromise on quality. If you are aiming to get into the tennis profession you are better off spending a bit more money to get a long-lasting racquet that would complement your game.

What Problems do the Wrong Racquet Pose?

Choosing the wrong racquet can prove detrimental to your physical health. Thick and tough strings, together with stiff frames cause a large amount of vibration through your arms. This vibration is believed to be the main cause of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a serious condition that affects the elbow muscles. The pain is excruciating and keeps you from enjoying the game.


Before purchasing a racquet conduct adequate research on it. A tennis racquet is a very personal tool; therefore, time should be taken to identify the best. Sites that offer reviews on different racquets and what they offer will be beneficial. As long as you keep the string, weight, head-size, and frame thickness in mind, you are likely to get the right racquet as a beginner.






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